Ce blog est consacré à mon activité de recherche dans le domaine de la civilisation américaine : religion, nouvelles religions, spiritualité, politique, sacré, profane etc… aux Etats-Unis

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What does it mean to be “religious”or « spiritual » in the United States?

ImageCivilisation américaine et anglais de spécialité – Université de Toulouse – France – Cultures Anglo-saxonnes (CAS EA 801)


How can we identify the religious/spiritual subject, and how do these subjects imagine themselves?

My   research focuses on the problem of religious identity and the  importance of alternative spiritualities in America from early 19th  century to the present and the future. It goes back to the time when  religious orthodoxy, sexual identity, and modern definitions of the self   commingled during an epoch of profound technological, social, and  economic transformation. That is the starting point for a wider  spiritual, social and political phenomenon under the incentive of the  American metaphysical movement ( the New Thought Movement New Thought in particular).
Post-modern   America has witnessed a resurgence of this phenomenon into a « third  way » offer in society including the mingling of metaphysical  perspectives with process thought, which might lead the path towards a new « liberalism »…

In   addition to this research, I have also been exploring the religious  contours of popular culture and new spirituality, particularly through  the example of Oprah Winfrey’s multimedia empire .The mass media and  popular culture might be a way for new spiritualities to foster a new  complete pluralistic national identity for the 21st century.

My focus is also dedicated to the intersection of science and religion, and the development of eastern religions within the western world,

Research Interests

  •  U.S. Religious History
  • Fundamentalisms and Modernisms
  • Alternative religions / Metaphysical spirituality
  • Religion and Popular Culture
  • Religion, spirituality and politics
  • Methods and Approaches to the Study of Religion
  • Religion in Early America
  • Religion and Modern America

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